Use of Adhesive Solution

Use of Adhesive Solution

1. Instant drying, you can spray printing
The traditional primer process adopts three processes: cleaning dirt and dust on the surface, applying primer or primer, natural drying or heating drying. Generally, the primer drying time is several hours to 24 hours, and then UV spray printing can be carried out. The adhesive liquid only needs a simple and fast spraying and wiping, the adhesive liquid dries instantly, can be sprayed and printed quickly without waiting, and has the effect of automatically cleaning the stains on the surface of glass ceramics.

2. Absolute advantages of high transparency and high adhesion
Compared with the effect of traditional primer materials, the adhesive liquid shows the absolute advantages of high transparency and high adhesion. The glass-ceramic surface after spraying and wiping treatment is clean and bright, and the printed images, pictures and texts and substrate show excellent firm adhesion effect.
(the adhesive force is 100% as proved by cutting with a hundred grid knife and adhesive tear test of 3M tape)

3. The effect of high water resistance and alkali resistance is obvious
The picture printed after treatment with this adhesive solution shows that the product has high water resistance and alkali resistance (after 2-hour cooking, 30-day soaking in water and 24-hour soaking in 5% NaOH alkali solution, the film does not fall off and still shows 100% adhesion).

4. The utility model has the advantages of simple and fast use, time saving and high work efficiency
The adhesive liquid is simple and fast to use, and can be used in many ways, such as watering can, gauze, brush or roller coating. Just apply the adhesive solution evenly to the surface of the substrate. Compared with the traditional primer process, it greatly shortens the waiting time for natural drying or heating drying, saves the investment of drying equipment and site, reduces the production cost, reduces the labor intensity, and greatly improves the production efficiency.

5. Environmental protection, energy conservation and obvious product quality advantages
Compared with the product quality of traditional primer, the attachment liquid is an environmental friendly polymer compound. The product is green and environmentally friendly, which effectively ensures the protection of human body and environment in the process of use, and saves the energy consumption of primer heating and drying. The products processed by spray painting have obvious comprehensive performance advantages such as picture clarity, firmness, transparency, weather resistance, water resistance, alkali resistance, service life and subsequent processing.

>> Product Instructions <<

1. Application scope of adhesive liquid:
(1) The adhesive liquid is especially suitable for hard substrates such as glass ceramics and can improve the adhesion on hard substrates.
(2) Please use this adhesive with UV ink and UV ink.

2. Preparation method and precautions of adhesive solution
(1) The attachment liquid is composed of two kinds of raw materials a and B. before use, the raw materials a and B are prepared according to the volume of 1:1 and fully mixed evenly before use (the effect is better after mixing for 0.5 hours)
(2) The prepared adhesive should be used up as soon as possible, otherwise the effect of adhesive will be reduced.
(3) The user can prepare an appropriate amount of attachment liquid according to the actual dosage. The unmixed liquid a and B should be sealed and stored for subsequent preparation.

3. Application method and precautions of adhesive liquid
(1) For hard substrate surfaces such as glass and ceramics, dust and grease on the surface shall be removed in advance.
(2) Take an appropriate amount of mixed adhesive (6-8ml / ㎡) and wipe a thin layer evenly on the surface of the substrate.
(3) After the adhesive liquid is quickly dried, UV spray printing can be carried out on the hard substrate.

Matters needing attention:
(1) The container used for mixing the adhesion liquid shall be clean to prevent the mixing of water, oil and other substances from affecting the adhesion effect
(2) The wiped glass-ceramic substrate can still have a good adhesion effect within one week, but the surface should be clean and pollution-free, including dust-proof and anti-static.
(3) The wiping tool can be made of high-density polyethylene spray pot and silica gel soft material, or it can be wiped directly with gauze and non-woven fabric.
(4) It is recommended that the adhesive products be stored in clean and closed containers made of glass or high density polyethylene (HDPE) and sealed in a cool and ventilated place.