Technology-driven Development JHF Showed in the 10th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition

On June 23, the 10th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition opened as scheduled in the new China International Exhibition Center. As one of the world's printing industry events with the most regional coverage and industry influence this year, it has attracted more than 1000 exhibitors from 16 countries and regions. JHF Technology Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "JHF") has been invited to participate in the exhibition again, bringing technology solutions for industrial printing.


Improving technology brings higher precision and better quality

UV flatbed printer, with its own strong advantages, has rapidly occupied the inkjet printing market. With the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, client’s the technical requirements for the UV flatbed industry printers are also higher, especially in the printing output accuracy.
JHF F5900 ultra-wide industrial flatbed printer developed by JHF is an ultra large size (3.2m * 2.0m) UV printing equipment. Through variable ink drop technology, it can ensure better printing effect on cardboard, corrugated board, PVC, light box sheet, wood board, glass, ceramic tile and other media at high speed. JHF F5900 is equipped with industrial grade Epson print head. The whole machine adopts automatic head lifting system and customized motor to ensure accurate positioning control of the whole platform. It can realize printing with different heights at any position, realize industrial and automatic production, and escort high-quality output in all directions.


In the textile printing industry, in which demands appearance of fashion, personality and exquisite patterns, users also require highprint output accuracy. How to present the digital printing output effect more perfectly has become a difficult problem for the development of industry technology. JHF T3700 wide format direct digital printing machine, which appeared in this exhibition, is a professional equipment integrating environmental protection into high quality printing performance. It is equipped with high quality disperse dye ink, featured with safe and environmental protection, wide color gamut, good color fastness, to ensure uniform and stable printing effect. At the same time, it is equipped with adjustable counterweight floating roller. By adjusting the counterweight, the most suitable tension can be controlled for different printing materials, which ensures the accuracy of stepping. It can effectively improve the presentation effect of fine images in the personalized customization of textile fabric advertising light box, wide wall cloth, curtain, home textile and other products.


Professional quality, professional protection

After more than 20 years of development, JHF has been persistently helping customers grow with excellent products and services, constantly improving its independent R&D technology, and realizing innovation and breakthrough of independent technology. At the same time, we constantly improve the after-sales service system and provide professional services for customers at all times. Take technology as the first driving force to help customers continuously improve their competitiveness, realize the transformation and upgrading to digital and intelligent, explore new opportunities for industry development and create more value.

Post time: May-12-2022