Intelligent Printing, Green Future” JHF Showed in ITMA Asia 2021 Exhibition with A Variety of Products

On June 12, 2021, China International Textile Machinery Exhibition and ITMA Asia Exhibition opened in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. JHF Technology Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "JHF") participated in the exhibition as a leading equipment supplier in the industry, and exhibited a number of featured products in the field of digital textile printing.

Driving by environmental protection, promoting green development of the industry


With the rapid development of digital textile printing industry, and the thinking of industry users on controlling production scale, production efficiency and production cost in the post epidemic era, industry transformation and upgrading has become an inevitable trend. At the same time, with the gradual improvement of environmental awareness of the industry, how to meet the multiple production needs of industry users has become JHF's tireless pursuit on the road of product development.
JHF T3700 Grand Format Direct to Fabric Digital Printer on display can be widely used in customization of textile fabric advertising light box, wide format wall cloth, curtain, home textile and other products, which can achieve bright color, good color fastness, stable and lasting output effect. It is equipped with industrial grade water-based print heads and high-quality disperse dye ink, which makes printing smoother and wider color gamut, realizes both green environmental protection and high-quality printing effect, and provides users with a green one-stop overall solution.


JHF T3700 Grand Format Direct to Fabric Digital Printer

JHF T1800E the New Generation Industrial Transfer Paper Printer equipped with high-performance industrial print head Epson S3200 can easily realize fast printing and quick repeat order in a short time to meet the needs of users in small batch digital printing industry. Combined with high-performance printing system, high-strength welding frame, adjustable tension floating roller, continuous feeding mode of rear unwinding and rear taking-up, high-precision printing platform and other high-end configuration, perfect color saturation can be achieved in the form of heat transfer printing, which can meet the output of exquisite printing effect on curtain, personalized printing decoration and other textile fabrics, help customers explore more market opportunities.


JHF T1800E the New Generation Industrial Transfer Paper Printer

JHF P2200Max, New Generation High Speed Textile Digital Printer with unique ink circulation system, designed with humanized design concept, relying on industrial production demand, opens a new printing mode. Using the industrial print head Epson with dual-row 8-color mode to achieve high quality printing results with original colors. JHF P2200Max can use reactive, acid or dispersed ink. It can be widely used in direct printing of cotton, linen, silk, nylon, polyester and other fabrics. It is especially suitable for high-precision digital printing,helping garment textile users to achieve high-quality, low-cost production mode.


JHF P2200Max New Generation High Speed Textile Digital Printer

Multidimensional presentation, Immersive experience

JHF booth, with white as its main color, displays various bright and vivid samples, which create immersive experience for visitors, and with professional explanations by staff, to help the visitors to understand more about the products and application solutions in the field of JHF digital textile. At the same time, visitors can watch at JHF booth from a close distance the efficient working mode and high quality output of JHF T3700 Grand Format Direct to Fabric Digital Printer, JHF T1800E the New Generation Industrial Transfer Paper Printer, and JHF P2200Max New Generation High Speed Textile Digital Printer in the fabric printing process.


As one of the promoters of the development of textile digital printing industry, JHF has been adhering to the corporate mission of helping customers grow with excellent products and services, taking technology research and development as the first driving force of enterprise development, and constantly realizing self breakthrough and innovation. In the future, the enterprise will continue to practice the concept of sustainable development, and work with multitudinous industry customers to explore the new development of the industry

Post time: May-12-2022