Equipment Switching Sequence

Power On Sequence

1. Turn on the power air switch of the external distribution box
2. Turn on the main power switch of the equipment, usually the yellow red knob switch located at the rear or side of the equipment
3. Turn on the computer host
4. Press the power button after the computer is turned on
5. Open the corresponding print control software
6. Press the device printhead power button (HV)
7. Press the device UV lamp power button (UV)
8. Turn on the UV lamp through the control software

Power On Sequence

1. Turn off the UV lamp through the control software. When the UV lamp is off, the fan will rotate at high speed
2. Turn off the equipment nozzle power button (HV)
3. Turn off the UV power button (UV) of the equipment after the UV lamp fan stops rotating
4. Turn off the power of the equipment
5. Close the control software and other operation software
6. Turn off the computer
7. Turn off the main power switch of the equipment
8. Turn off the power air switch of the external distribution box

Daily maintenance of UV lamp

1. The UV lamp shall clean the ink and adsorbate on the filter screen and fan blade at least once a month to ensure good ventilation and heat dissipation;
2. The filter screen of UV lamp shall be replaced every half a year (6 months);
3. Do not cut off the power supply of the UV lamp while the fan of the UV lamp is still rotating;
4. Avoid switching on and off the lights frequently, and the time interval between turning off and turning on the lights should be more than one minute;
5. Ensure the voltage stability of the power environment;
6. Keep away from the environment with wet corrosive substances;
7. Frequently measure whether the UV lamp shell temperature is too high or too low;
8. It is forbidden for screws or other solid objects to fall into the UV lamp from the fan window;
9. Prevent the shelter from blocking the fan or filter screen to ensure good ventilation;
10. Ensure that the air source is free of water, oil and corrosion;